Escort Agency VS Independent Escorts

I have many friends that patronize the service of escorts so there is never a loss for information from reliable sources. Since I got into the hobby of using new york escorts for companionship and entertainment I always asked the question – independents vs agency which is the better choice? Thankfully I had some input from my buddies and now some personal experience in which to rely on. I will tell you everything you need to know if you are shopping for an escort provider and what is the better choice between independent escorts and escort agency girls such as NYC escorts found anywhere online.

Here are some sources for NYC escorts

Barbies Dolls

Play Playmates

It really all comes down to what you are looking for. Here are the pros and cons of both…

Agency Girls

  • Large selection from many backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Higher priced.
  • Available last minute.
  • Adhere to a dress code.
  • Adhere to a code of conduct.
  • Fast delivery times.
  • Accountable for their actions or non actions.
  • Usually more professional.
  • 1 call gets you a choice from many types of girls
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Agency handles all the bookings so the escort can focus her time on you.

Independent Girls

Here are some sources for independent escorts in NYC



  • Lower priced
  • Very difficult to reach on the phone
  • Takes more time and many more calls to be able to set up an appointment
  • Can be flaky and cancel on you last minute or not show up at all
  • Not accountable. If there is a problem there is no one to complain to.
  • Riskier as the girls might have other intentions.
  • No dress code to adhere to
  • Makes her own rules and prices.
  • Tend to take calls on appointments giving you less attention.
  • Less professional as many have not made the cut to stay employed with an agency such as chronic lateness, not showing for work and other fire able offenses
  • You have to wait for her arrival. She might be 100 miles away when you set an appointment so you will have no choice but to wait for her arrival.
  • Disorganized and flighty. Will lose your number or address and get lost guaranteed.

Obviously I am the fan of the escort agency. With 1 phone call you can choose from dozens of ladies that are various distances from your location. If you want someone over in 10 minutes it can happen with an agency. Try that with an independent and you will be calling for hours and when you think you found one close by, you find out she was lying, got lost and gets there 2 hours later. When she is in session she will answer calls and texts and pay you no mind. If there is a problem her boyfriend driver will come to your door and make a big headache for you. If you have a problem with an agency girl you inform the agency and they will make it right. Develop a relationship with an escort service and they will put you on the inside track to the new girls and girls that are into what you like. Yes it costs more money but my time is valuable and so is my freedom and the stuff in my apartment. I would rather be safe using an agency instead of trying to cut corners with independents. So if you are just starting out its best you use an escort service for escorts.

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